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» Marketing Consultancy

Marketing is the means by which your business identifies, anticipates and then satisfies customer demand. If carried out effectively it will not only ensure that your business is seen and heard but will give the business flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands and a changing business environment.

Businesses that really succeed are those where the owner has a vision for the firm and is dedicated to seeing it through. A marketing plan will help achieve focus and establish the vision.

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» Recession-Proofing Your Business

The world is experiencing one of the worst economic storms since the Thirties, and one may be tempted to look at marketing expenditure as an easy target for cost-saving. Certainly, you should eliminate wasteful expenditure, but you may find that is easier to say than to do.

As part of our Recession-Proofing Expert Package, we will show you the importance of ensuring that every pound spent delivers the best possible value, whether you are a business manager or holder of the public purse. Such value is essential to ensure the loyalty of the all-important customer; whilst also retaining the best employees; and of course is the mainstay of an organisation’s responsibility to its shareholders.

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» Change Management

The Change Manager

Every business will require change at some point (or various points) during its lifetime. It may be deemed to be a basic skill but is a crucial one for leaders and managers.

Beverley Le Cuirot has had first-hand experience of change during her experience of an international bank take-over for which she was personally responsible for bringing together 550 people in Jersey, London and Geneva for the 'New Bank'.

Before change can be implemented, it is useful to consider five key principles:

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» Customer Service Excellence

The Customer Service Expert

The Customer is King - Long Live the King! The Customer has been at the centre of Marketing philosophy for several decades – but at no time in known history has this statement been more important than it is today.

It is vital now, more than ever, to provide the best possible service at every touch point with the customer; to follow up every contact with every existing customer and to make their experience valuable and memorable.

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» Employee Engagement

The Motivator

Your employees are some of your business’s most precious assets. In order to keep staff morale high, and therefore increase productivity, it is essential to find ways of keeping employees highly motivated. This, in turn, should provide the key to ‘knock your socks off’ customer service, which will set your business apart from the rest. If your employees are fully briefed on the benefits of the products or services they are providing, they will be more committed to satisfying the customer’s needs and wants, when, where and how he or she chooses.

How do you do this? You strive to be an Employer of Choice, and even if times get tough for your business, you communicate with your employees in an open and honest way. A quality internal communications programme is therefore essential ...

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» Entrepreneurship for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

The Entrepreneur

Whether your business is large or small, the team at Immediate Impact can tailor their service to suit your needs.

Beverley Le Cuirot is one of Jersey’s most experienced marketers and has spent many years working on local and international marketing campaigns. Through the Immediate Impact Network, you will receive FREE consultancy or mentoring hours in the year of registration.

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» Marketing Coaching and Mentoring

The Marketer’s Friend

Beverley Le Cuirot has 30 years’ Marketing experience, including Business Development, Customer Service and Organisational Development experience gained within the Consumer, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer sectors of the major Retail, Service and Finance Industries.

During this time she has worked with and for large international corporations, global financial institutions; worldwide marketing, advertising and communications agencies; and jurisdictional marketing bodies and associations - and she has worked with, trained and encouraged many a successful Marketer or aspiring Marketer.

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» New Business Development

The New Business Developer

Marketing and sales never stands still – it’s dynamic and ever-changing. Regardless of how successful your business is, you can’t rest on your laurels. It’s important to know how to secure new business, whether it’s to expand your business at its most successful time or whether it’s to boost performance in leaner times.

Don't confuse sales with marketing. It is a common enough mistake for any small business to lump sales together with marketing under the perception that the two disciplines are different heads of the same beast. This is because tactics can overlap. However, they are not the same.

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» Strategic Analysis and Planning

Strategic Planning - the Link with Marketing

Successful businesses owe much of their success to their ability to attract and keep customers. They do this by providing better value for the customer than the competition.

Marketers constantly have to assess which customers they are trying to reach and how they can design products and services that provide better value, known as competitive advantage.

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» Conferences and Presentations

The Conference Organiser

Beverley Le Cuirot has personally supervised more than 50 events on behalf of the Finance Industry during her time with Jersey Finance, including a dozen international official visits in the Middle East, Far East, UK and Europe. She also designed and organised two extremely successful bank-wide conferences for previous employer, Standard Chartered Jersey.

The team at Immediate Impact therefore has the experience and expertise needed to organise business events, large and small, both in Jersey and overseas.

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» Event Design & Management

The Event Manager

The team at Immediate Impact are no strangers to event design and management and have many years’ experience between them. We will tailor your event to your specific requirements to ensure you have a professional and successful event which meets your objectives and more!

The Event Planning Process at Immediate Impact takes the form of six phases ...

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» Communications

The Communicator

Good communication is a fundamental part of any business. It is the most prominent aspect of Marketing and, therefore, if it is not done well, it can be heavily criticised. Equally, if there is a communications void this is a wasted opportunity at best, and extremely unhelpful at worst. Business leaders, customers and the general public all require good, effective communication in order to build relationships and achieve their goals.

Immediate Impact can undertake a review of your existing Internal and External Communications Strategies and make proposals on how to enhance them in order to successfully convey your business’s objectives and create better relationships with everyone you deal with.

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» Corporate Responsibility

CSR and Marketing

Corporate Social Responsibility (or Corporate Responsibility as it is increasingly known) covers a broad range of topics with the ultimate aim of 'giving back' to the community or environment in which an organisation operates.

It includes ethical business practice, community support and charitable giving and, of recent years, has steadily become established on the corporate agenda. An employee would expect one's employer to have a CR strategy and therefore any organisation serious about gaining 'Employer of Choice' status is now turning its attentions to CR.

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» Promotional Marketing

The Promotional Marketer

Nearly half of Britain's leading companies are spending more of their marketing budget on Sales Promotion (or Promotional Marketing) than they did last year. This seems to show a shift from the old myth that promotions offer nothing more exciting than money-off coupons and '2 for the price of 1' offers.

So, as the great multinationals have started to use sales promotion as a key driver in the marketing mix, how can smaller and newer businesses also benefit from using promotional activity?

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» Public Relations and The Media

The Media Planner

Members of the team at Immediate Impact have had considerable experience in representing and advising clients, as well as senior Industry and Political colleagues, in how best to communicate and develop trusting relationships with the various publics, ie, the employees of an organisation or entity; suppliers; shareholders; customers; the local community; and the Media; etc.

The Media represents one of the most powerful channels to decision-makers, customers and potential customers, and you may therefore prefer us to concentrate our efforts on this aspect of Public Relations.

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» Publishing

The Publisher

Even if your company and brand are well established, it is important to keep communicating with your existing customers whilst also targeting new ones. Bespoke publications provide simple yet effective ways of doing this and can take many shapes and forms, such as brochures, fact sheets, newsletters, etc.

The team at Immediate Impact has a proven track record in the concept creation, design, editing and production of many high quality publications.

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» Social Marketing

The Social Marketer

Social marketing refers to the application of marketing, sometimes in conjunction with other concepts and techniques, to achieve behavioural goals for a social good. It is an area of marketing that is slowly gaining recognition and influence. These days, people are far more aware of their peers and their surroundings and marketing therefore has to keep step with these developments in the public’s consciousness.

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» Project, Interim & Company Management Services

Fresh opportunities will emerge soon for business, and when they are most needed resources will be scarce. Interim Management is a cost-effective way of managing these needs in the short to medium term until the economic recovery is fully assured; whilst at the same time ensuring that full advantage is taken of opportunities as and when they are presented.

With its experienced personnel, Immediate Impact can help your business through our recently introduced Project, Interim and Company Management Services, assisting CEOs and Management Boards on an interim basis to cover projects; senior management vacancies; or assisting business owners in running their operations whilst they attend to their business.  

With more than 30 years' experience, our Senior team is committed to supporting our clients and Network Members from set-up to success, and everything in between.  We can provide you with qualified expertise, results-driven focus and a flexible way of working, providing an ideal option for businesses needing to shore up resources and get back on track quickly and efficiently.

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» Media Relations

The Media represents one of the most powerful channels to decision-makers, customers and potential customers, and you may therefore prefer us to concentrate our efforts on this aspect of Public Relations.

If so, we can assist you in delivering your news stories to the right journalists, at the right time, in the right way; we can assist you with Crisis Management; and we can provide guidance to assist you to develop your own relationships with the Media.

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» Customer Management Consultancy

  • Have you looked at your complaints handling?
  • Have you a loyal and committed fan base (customers, clients), or are your revenues shrinking?
  • The idea that People engagement has a bearing on customer behaviour seems relevant, so have you stopped investing in People development?
  • Have you made redundancies to stave off cost and what impacts has this had on your business?
  • Are you planning your customer experience or simply reacting to it?
  • How are you measuring the effectiveness of each customer interaction?

If any of the above ring true for your organisation, let us help you to get your Customer Management back on track ...

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