Terms and Conditions for Membership ...

1. Names

  • By subscribing your organisation becomes a "Member" of the Immediate Impact Business Network (“the Network”).

2. Members

  • Membership is only open to Corporate Entities.
  • Immediate Impact Limited shall keep a list of the names and contact details of Members of the Network. This will be kept for usage by Immediate Impact Limited only and will not be shared with third parties.

3. Subscriptions

  • The Annual Subscription cost for Members may be revised from time to time. This will be posted on the Immediate Impact website, and Members will have the opportunity to either pay the revised amount when their Membership falls due or to cancel their subscription.
  • Subscriptions shall be due when a Member indicates they would like to become a Member. 
  • Membership status will be activated immediately and the Member will be invoiced.  Refunds are not payable unless agreed with the Directors of Immediate Impact Limited.
  • Any Member whose payment is not received 30 days following receipt of the Immediate Impact invoice shall cease to be a Member, and the value of any outstanding books on loan shall be invoiced in full unless these are returned forthwith.
  • Membership will fall due for renewal 12 months after the initial request for Membership.
  • Cancellation of Membership must be requested 30 days prior to the renewal date.
  • After the initial subscription payment is received, successive payments shall be invoiced by Immediate Impact.
  • The Annual Subscription is paid in advance (this provides Members with a pre-set number of free consultancy hours provided either by Immediate Impact and/or its Preferred Service Partners, as per the request of the Member).  Every attempt will be made to also hold Ideas Exchange Events although Membership Fees will not be refundable if for any reason Events are not held.
  • Sole-Proprietors (1-4 employees) are charged at £295.00 per year; Small businesses (5-10 employees) at £495.00; Medium-sized businesses (11-25 employees) at £750.00 per year; and Corporates (with 26+ employees) are charged at £950.00 per year.
  • Membership fees should be paid by cheque (made out to ‘Immediate Impact Limited’).

4. Provision of Consultancy and Mentoring Hours

  • Membership includes a prescribed number of free Consultancy hours per annum, to be provided by Immediate Impact Limited and its Preferred Service Partners and as agreed with the Directors of Immediate Impact.
  • Members should specify their chosen service to Immediate Impact and arrangements will be made with Preferred Service Partners by the Immediate Impact Team on behalf of the Member.
  • Refunds of Membership fees are not payable if Consultancy hours have been taken within the year of Membership.

5. Preferred Service Partners

  • Members may also be invited to provide their services to other Members as a Preferred Service Partner (PSP).
  • PSPs are entitled to their own page on the Immediate Impact website; and a Profile in the enewsletter, Immediate Insights.
  • No liability is accepted by Immediate Impact for the provision of the services provided by its PSPs.

6. Ideas Exchange Events

  • When possible, a number of Ideas Exchange Events will be scheduled to take place throughout any one year, and will vary in topic/occasion, according to Member demand and the discretion of the Directors.
  • Please note that Immediate Impact will not be held responsible if, for any reason, Events are not held from time to time.
  • Cancellation of attendance should be made by 4pm three working days previous to the event, otherwise the Member shall be invoiced in full unless a reason satisfactory to the Directors shall be given for non-attendance.
  • Each Member shall be eligible to attend an Ideas Exchange Event on a first-come, first-served basis.

Updated - 16th December 2009

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