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Strategic Marketing; Market Insight & Segmentation; Change Management; Employee Engagement; Increased Productivity; Effective Communications; and Efficient Marketing & Customer Services sound of interest?

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Looking to develop your skills? To expand your career horizons?

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Setting up your own business? Need support services?

Strategic Planning; Business Funding & Set-up; Branding; Launch PR; Website Development; Awareness Building?

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For all your business and career development needs, let us give you the Immediate Impact you are looking for!

Immediate Impact – What Can It Offer You?

The Immediate Impact business concept is wide-reaching and provides value for all types and size of organisation, in any industry sector. Elements are also applicable to Individuals, whether they are business leaders; fully-qualified professionals; career switchers; young professionals; first-time managers; or students.

The Immediate Impact business comprises three parts:


Of which there is a wide range of Marketing, Business and People related services available – to suit all businesses, large and small.

Click here for the full range of Marketing Consultancy Services offered by Immediate Impact.


Comprising a Membership community for Individuals and Businesses, and based around three main elements:

Access to an online Resource Centre of around 1,000 business books across more than 50 diverse categories;
A series of Ideas Exchange Events on specific topics of interest to our Members; and
Free Consultancy or Mentoring Hours - in return for an annual Membership Subscription (and offering Members a taster of the Marketing Consultancy Services generally).

Membership of the Network therefore enables small businesses and charities to access high level professional services at affordable prices; it provides Corporate Members a taster of the Business and Marketing Consultancy Services available from Immediate Impact. It also allows Individual Members to access the online Resource Centre or attend the Ideas Exchange Events; and a Student rate has been introduced at the request of the local Business Studies faculty.

Click here for more information on how to join the Immediate Impact Network and what it could offer you.


Comprising referrals to a number of strategically selected Preferred Service Providers to save time and money for the business owner wishing to source from a range of business services including Strategic Planning; Creating a Business Plan; Funding & Set-Up; Commercial Insurance; Telecommunications; Specialist Recruitment; Branding; Launch PR; Website Development; Awareness Building; Marketing and Promotion; Organisational Efficiency; Business Accessories and Books.

The result is beneficial for all parties; in that the Service Providers receive profile and the opportunity to meet new contacts and develop new business; the Member receives a value for money Membership to enhance his/her business and/or career; and Immediate Impact attracts new Members and new business.

Click here for more information on the Immediate Impact Connection and how to be a part of it.

Typical Immediate Impact Customer Profiles

1. Primarily Marketing Consultancy
(with secondary interest in Network and Connections)

... looking for specialist expertise in the field of Strategic Planning; Marketing Strategy; Corporate Communications; Brand Building; Change Management; Employee Engagement; Customer Services; or Operational Efficiency.

... looking for specialist strategic or international expertise to support their marketing activities; or to handle ‘the project for which there is never the time!’

... looking to enhance their Organisational Development activities with specialist strategic and communications expertise.

... looking for specialist strategic support in delivering value for money marketing campaigns; and in developing customer focused systems and processes.

... looking for specialist complementary strategic skills and expertise to provide on a confidential basis to their clients.

2. Primarily Immediate Impact Network
(for Free Consultancy Hours; with associated interest in Connections and
secondary interest in Marketing Consultancy Services generally)

... looking to access high level professional services at affordable prices – whether they are setting up their business; or looking to expand.

... looking to develop business plans to secure funding; or to raise awareness for their activities.

3. Primarily Immediate Impact Network
(for Resource Centre; Ideas Exchange Events; and Mentoring)

... looking to enhance their knowledge; and to share ideas with like-minded professionals with common issues.

... looking to receive Industry Insights; and to network with potential employers. 

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